Virtually Tour Your Way Through Summer 2020

Travel through Canada and across the globe with this list of virtual tours you can take from home!

We know a lot of people have had to cancel their summer vacations due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions that are currently in place around the world. At SaskTel we still want you to enjoy some of your favourite spots and maybe take a peek at places you have yet to adventure to, while providing you with the connection to do it.

We’ve put together a list of great virtual destinations including Canadian must-sees and some international favourites as well.

Canadian Museums

Let’s start with the vast selection of virtual exhibits put together by With subjects ranging from Indigenous People’s History, to Arts and Leisure, to Science and Technology, they’ve got something for everyone! If you have young children, the Musée maritime de Charlevoix has a virtual scavenger hunt you can complete as you and your family travel along the St. Lawrence River, taking in the beautiful panoramic views, visiting historic sites and learning about the area as you go!

Banff National Park

For those who love the outdoors, a classic Canadian summer vacation destination is Banff National Park, where thousands of tourists flock to take in one of the world’s most beautiful mountain destinations. Navigate your way through a 360 tour of Johnston Canyon Falls and discover the waterfalls and overhanging canyon walls of the beautiful natural attraction created by thousands of years of water erosion. After your trip through the canyon, take a virtual walk along the Hoodoos Trail by the Bow River where you’ll walk alongside the cliff face of Tunnel Mountain before reaching the sandstone Hoodoos. Even from your laptop, these views are something to remember!

Stratford Theatre Festival

Stratford Festival is a theatre festival that runs from April to October in Stratford, Ontario. Usually enjoyed in person, the theatre festival is now available for streaming online for free, allowing you to take in the festival in your pajamas at home on your couch. Enjoy theatre classics like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, watch behind the scenes footage of the creation of sets and costumes, and take in interviews of the directors, producers, and actors of these incredible shows.

Nature Live Cams

Ever wanted to see a polar bear up close, see a lynx catch a bird in flight or a pack of wolves hunt? With the help of technology and some very well placed live cams across Canada and the world, you can observe some of the world’s most incredible creatures in their everyday habitats. You can watch bison graze on the plains of Saskatchewan, polar bears rumble in Churchill, Manitoba, orcas swim off Hanson Island in British Columbia, as well as countless other animals around the world.

Ready to go international?

NASA Research Center

Check out the NASA Glenn Research Center’s facilities through multiple tours, including the Zero Gravity Facility used by investigators around the world when studying the effects of near weightlessness. You can also tour the NASA Glenn Hangar, home to numerous aircrafts, as well as the offices that coordinate flights and the maintenance of aircrafts for scientific research. If this has piqued your interest, take it a step further and download the Space Centre Houston app in the Apple store or Google Play store to enjoy daily special events, selfie filters, interactive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences where you can explore the moon, watch historical launches and take in an audio tour, all from your home!

European Museums

Make your way through Europe country by country with virtual tours of museums that are home to some of the most famous works of art in the world. Visit The Louvre in Paris, France and move through the Petite Galerie enjoying exhibits such as The Advent of the Artist exhibit which showcases the work of craftsmen of the Renaissance. Next on the virtual tour of European museums is The British Museum in London, England, where you can work your way through timelines of art and culture from around the world. Click through photos, listen to recorded audio, and read about specific pieces of history. From London to Rome, leave your worries of 5 AM wakeup calls to avoid lines behind as you take a tourist-free tour of The Vatican Museum, walking through St. Peter’s Basilica and The Sistine Chapel.

Disney Parks

Explore the magic of Disney without the lines! Through a 360-Degree Panorama of each park, you can explore your favourite parts of Disney or take in the sights for the first time! You can virtually hop on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride and brave the twists and turns of the classic Disney railway adventure or take a stroll down Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom. If you feel like the sights and sounds are just not enough, check out the Disney Recipes blog for great ideas of Disney treats you can make and enjoy at home. And, of course, end your virtual tour with the best seat in the house, front and centre at Cinderella’s Castle to watch the spectacular fireworks show!

If you’ve finished your virtual vacation and are still looking for more to do, check out our list of the hottest shows to watch on maxTV Stream this summer or other activities to enjoy with your family while at home.

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