The Best Saskatchewan Road Trip, Part I

Road trips in Saskatchewan have a lot to offer—so much that it’s impossible for us to cover it all! But we’ve picked some great out-of-the-way spots to get your drive ideas flowing.

In this article, we’re recapping our fave northern/central locations for road tripping in SK, but you can also click here to tour the south!

To start this road trip, we’re taking this meandering loop from Saskatoon to Prince Albert and back. Driving wise, you’re looking at about 350 km and not quite 4 hours—so you can hit everything on the list in a day, but you can also break it up over two weekends and take more time to explore. However you decided to do your road trip, we’ve got you covered with Saskatchewan’s largest LTE network!

Head North

Fill up your gas tank and head north out of Saskatoon on Highway 11. Wave to Rosthern, head on through, and head to Duck Lake to take a self-guided tour of the Duck Lake Murals.

Photo courtesy of Duck Lake Murals

Summer roadtrip north 1

The collection of murals displays scenes from the area’s rich indigenous and Métis history. It showcases the talent of Saskatchewan-based artists, turning the town into a walkable, outdoor art gallery. These beautiful pieces are also seriously under-represented on social media, so get out your smartphone (seriously, smartphone cameras are so good now) and share them with your followers.

Once you’ve poked around town a bit, you’re headed back to the highway and north again!

Picnic Lunch

Pick up lunch on your way through PA, then find the 55 East (follow the signs for Nipawin). In a minute, you’ll turn left onto Little Red River Park Road, which brings you to—you guessed it—Little Red River Park. There are walking trails, picnic sites, and camp kitchens (don’t forget to clean up after yourself!), but the Grammable photo op is definitely the pedestrian-only suspension bridge over the river. It’s just off the main road from the west parking lot. Capture all those angles, but remember: the bridge swings, so hold onto your phone!

Photo by @alexzahara

Summer roadtrip north 2

Flower Power

At the top of the loop, follow Highway 55 west from Little Red River Park back towards Prince Albert. This part of the province is a really pretty mix of forest and farmland, so relax, stream something good on Spotify, and admire the scenery all the way to Shellbrook. Then head south on the 40 for another photo op, this time with the World’s Largest Lily in Parkside. Well…the sign says it’s the world’s largest lily. If you find one taller than 7.9m somewhere else, take a pic and tag us! (@SaskTel #TodayIsTheDaySK)

Photo by @kendrachantelle

Summer roadtrip 3

Tree Road

If you thought the lily was big, just wait! About 8 km south of Blaine Lake, on the east side of Highway 12, there’s a road. Google Maps calls it “Unnamed Road,” but Google Maps is wrong. This is Tree Road, a gravel road that has been helpfully labelled to direct travellers to Saskatchewan’s largest tree, growing near the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. It lost some height when it was struck by lightning several years back, but at 22m tall, it still dwarfs everything around. It’s worth getting out of the car to walk all the way up to it because pictures don’t really do it justice.

Photo by @kadeemoore06

Summer roadtrip 4

A Little of Everything

Everything is quiet and peaceful by the tree, so it’s easy to hear your stomach growling. But you’re only half an hour away from the Olive Tree Restaurant & Blacktop Diner just south of Petrofka. You’ll see a couple of old gas pumps and a few old trucks half-buried in the ground outside a low wooden building—nothing that tips you off to what’s waiting inside. There’s delicious Greek food, eclectic décor, warm hospitality, and ice cream cones. If that’s not enough, there are also shelves of Greek ingredients for you to take home if you want to try recreating your meal at home.

Photo by @pamelarustoen

Summer roadtrip 5

The Cream of the Crop

We’ve saved this one for last because you’ll definitely want to bring some things home!

Sunnyside Creamery & Farmyard Market (about 8 km north of Martensville) is the first Saskatchewan dairy farm to process and sell milk produced by their own cows. You can even get it on tap from the coin-op milk dispenser! The on-site store, Farmyard Market, also sells farm-raised meat, locally made food products, and artisan gifts from other small businesses.

We’ve spent a lot of time travelling Saskatchewan, and there’s no way we can list all the amazing places to see. Leave us a comment to tell us what we missed or use #TodayIsTheDaySK on Instagram to help us show off the best our province has to offer!

Some other noteworthy destinations include the Cochin Lighthouse on Jackfish Lake, with its 100+ stair workout. And the Crooked Bush outside Hafford is pretty cool. If you want to head east to Wadena to pick up some rightfully famous lemon poppy seed loaf, we won’t blame you—bring some back for us.

Photo by @katiesochaski

Summer roadtrip 6

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