The ABCs of Spring in Saskatchewan

Each year we wait with bated breath for winter to give way into spring. Spot the signs and take our advice to maximize your spring enjoyment.

The signs of spring are constant yet seemingly never changing. We see the first buds on the trees, or the hint of green in our lawns and can remember all the amazing things about the season that’s coming. This year, however, spring feels different. We can’t come together as we always have, and safety is at the top of our mind. But we can still enjoy so many facets of the season. Let this list help you spot the signs and ways to enjoy it.

– is for Attitude. In the time we are living in, your attitude is the most important item at your disposal. Staying home and safe is a top priority and reminding yourself of the importance of this can help you adjust your mental fortitude in order to get through. Three ways to improve your attitude: 1) practice gratitude 2) meditate and 3) connect with the positive people in your life.

– is for Balance. Find some as you stretch out of the winter blahs with an at home yoga session. So many studios are offering online versions of some incredible classes. Try out Saskatoon-based One Yoga’s classes via Instagram.


C – is for Cellular Data. Is your plan working best for you? SaskTel is assisting customers during the global COVID-19 pandemic by extending the waiving of data overage charges in Canada to April 30, 2020. Click here to keep up with our latest announcements.

– is for Daylight. As the days slowly lengthen, take the added time to enjoy a sip of coffee in the morning sunlight, or a walk after work. Creep the rising and setting of the sun each day on your weather app. Everyday gets a little bit longer!

– is for Electronics. Seeking an upgrade? Headphones just not cutting it? Maybe you need a smart watch to track your daily walks. We have all that—and more!

– is for Fresh Air. Explore your favourite hiking trail for a deep breath of the fresh stuff. Or take a tour around your own block.

– is for Goals. When a new season hits it’s helpful to set goals: where do you want to be by the time the next season starts? They may be physical, financial or emotional—whatever they are, write them down and get started.

– is for Health. Are you staying active, getting lots of vitamin d and eating right? Spring is about making your health and wellness a priority. Use apps like MyFitnessPal or FitOn to help you keep you on track.

– is for Isolation. It’s important to exercise isolation for the safety of our communities. But alone time doesn’t have to be scary or lonely. Take this extra quiet time to craft, read, relax or explore new hobbies you thought you’d never have time to dig into.

– is for Journaling. An incredible way to document your time, feelings, and emotions can also prove to be incredibly cathartic.


K – is for Kindness. Now more than ever we should show kindness to those around us however we can. Reach out, Facetime and connect. Share kind words. Do kind things. SaskTel is dedicated to spreading kindness and positivity; to learn more about how they’re doing it check out SaskTel Be Kind Online.

– is for Lazy days. Enjoy what the Italians call the dolce far niente, or the joy of pleasant idleness. Grab a book or daydream the day away!

– is for maxTV and maxTV Stream. It never stops! There’s always a slew of new shows, movies and new releases to discover. Check out over 50 channels available on Free Preview right now!

– is for Nature. In the world of social distancing, nature is one of the best escapes to get you out of your house.

– is for Organizing. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. It’s time to tackle that messy closet and space underneath the stairs. What are you holding on to for no reason? Time to sort it out!

– is for Pussy Willows, those fuzzy buds popping out on all the willow trees. Surely everyone has a memory of spotting these seemingly magical fuzzy branches, snipping a couple to keep and rubbing the soft little nubs till they disintegrate.


Q – is for Queen City! Like the rest of the province, spring feels different this year. But what makes Regina so special is its sense of community, which now, more than ever, is on full display. Everyone doing their part. Coming together by staying apart. Wanting to do more? Check out the Food Banks of Saskatchewan, Carmichael Outreach Regina, or any other organization helping out during these challenging times.

– is for Rejuvenation. Regrowth. Revitalization. Get out in the yard and clean up the leaves you missed raking in the fall. Turn that garden over. Or hand your lawn care needs over to The Rusty Shovel in Regina. They are your one stop shop for all your landscaping needs in Regina.

– is for Saskatchewan. We’re the land of living skies and when April rolls around the skies do not disappoint. Take in a sunset (or a sunrise if you’re an early riser) and feel gratitude for the beautiful place we live.

– is for Time. Family time, quality time, me time. Any or all of the above—this spring we can all take some time to make ourselves feel good.

– is for Umbrella. You know the saying April showers bring May flowers? Well, the month comes by it honestly. Take some time and stash a few in places you need them: the car, your entryway, your backpack. You’ll thank yourself when the clouds open up.

V – is for Video Chat. When you just need to see a friendly face, a video chat is a great way to stay connected and feel closer even when you are miles apart. Check out apps such as Houseparty (with built in games), Kast (to share a virtual movie night), Skype or Zoom and stay connected all season long.

W – is for WiFi. Check to see that yours is as fast as possible—if not upgrade your plan online.

X – is for Xcitement. Okay, well technically this is a cop out, but everything about springs brings excitement. Especially after a long winter. Spring is here and it’s time to get Xcited!

Y – is for @yxefoodbank. It’s important to remember the vulnerable people in our communities and help the organizations that supply them with essentials. Consider making a financial donation to any local food bank to help families in need in communities throughout Saskatchewan.

Z – is for Zephyr. Defined as a slight usually refreshing gust of air. Yeah, we could use some of those! And they can’t come soon enough.

What’s your favourite part of spring? Was there something quintessential about spring in Saskatchewan we missed? Let us know!

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