Let’s Take A Minute and Redefine: Gamers

Would you consider yourself a gamer? What if we told you that gamers could be anyone—and anywhere... it's true!

Whether they're playing on a purpose-built gaming rig, hanging out in front of the latest console, or solving puzzles on their phone in line at the grocery store, gamers are everywhere. Rumour has it, the world of ‘gamers’ has greatly evolved and we’re here to catch you up to speed (and we’re not just talking about our speedy Optimum In-home WiFi Internet).

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The iconic gamer term has settled into a bit of a rut. Back in the early days of the internet, being a gamer carried an aura of serious commitment to tech, specifically computers. As consoles became a big deal in the late 70s, the term shifted to include more console gaming before MMORPG games like World of Warcraft rewrote the script again. By the mid 2000s, gaming became more than just an activity—it was almost a complete identity.

What does the current and future of gaming look like?
Although the big brands are doing their best to keep consoles at the forefront of gaming, the truth is that the next generation of gaming is right in your hands. It’s undeniable that smartphones are impacting the world of gaming and shifting the way we use apps.

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The gaming industry has gone through many changes and growth spurts over the years, evolving from your fond memories of Tetris on your Gameboy or Super Mario Bros on Nintendo to now include playing Candy Crush or Words With Friends from your smartphone. There are heaps of apps and platforms to thank for this surge in entertainment, not to mention SaskTel’s numerous products to support these at-home or on the go adventures. Pro tip: if you’re looking to single-handedly storm the enemies castle without lag holding you back, it’s time to seriously consider getting faster upload speeds with SaskTel infiNET.

Whether you’re an original gamer or new to the club, we support you. With games getting better and more advanced, we’re here to reveal some of our favourite apps and platforms designed to keep you entertained and proudly claiming that mobile gamer title.

Newsflash: Mobile Gaming Is Where It’s At!
eSports and other competitive gaming organizations are listening to the call. It’s undeniable that there is an ongoing popularity rising up amongst mobile gaming. ironSource states that according to GameAnalytics, in Q1 2020, the number of mobile gamers grew from 1.2 billion people to 1.75 billion per month, marking an increase of 46 per cent. The facts are in: gaming from your smartphone is the new age and we’ve got you covered!

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Check out some of the top gaming apps in 2021:

  1. Action and Adventure: 80 Days (iOS or Android)
    Travel across the world in 80 Days. It’s got puzzles, breathtaking 3D visuals, incredible storytelling, exciting gameplay—all wrapped up into one action-packed app. Hop aboard and try it out for yourself.
  2. Racing and Sports: Asphalt 9: Legends (iOS or Android)
    We could all use a little getaway and now is your chance! Pick out your dream car and race around the world in Asphalt 9: Legends. This is the perfect game for all the racing, drift racing, and nitro-charged power racing fans. Hit the pedal to the metal with this fun app.
  3. Strategy: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (iOS or Android)
    Join your friends in this showdown against human opponents. Choose your favourite heroes and build the perfect team with features like laning, jungling, tower rushing, team battles, all in the palm of your hand! Shatter opponents with the touch of a finger and claim the title of Strongest Challenger with Mobile Legends.
  4. Arcade: Minecraft (iOS or Android)
    That’s right! The holy grail of all mobile apps made it on our hot list. This single or multiplayer classic serves you infinite worlds to explore with advanced building features and two modes (creative or survival). Explore, create, and survive this Minecraft must-play.
  5. Survival: PUBG Mobile (iOS or Android)
    Played competitively across the globe comes PUBG, a multiplayer survival game that has shaken the world of gaming. It started as a PC favourite and is now available on your mobile with all the guns, ammo, gadgets, vehicles, and so much more.

While mobile gaming may be the new buzz, let’s not segregate the many cross-platform gaming fans. Here is a list of all the games that are compatible with console and mobile devices.

The world of gaming is evolving and getting smarter with each user's unique interests and skills. Thankfully with SaskTel infiNET, you can be certain that your upload speed won’t be holding you back. We know there are a ton of incredible mobile games that we haven’t even tapped into yet. If we missed one of your favourite apps, drop it in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it to our hit list.

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