Exam Season Survival Tips for Every Study Type

Improve your study habits—use your phone.

Brace yourself – Exams are coming. You’ve seen the meme.

Exams are like the best and worst part of the school year. Best part: you’ve accomplished so much and now there’s a break coming! Worst part: the actual exams. What kind of studying do you do? Are you a procrastinator? Incessant coffee-drinker? Spontaneous crier?

No matter what kind of studying you do, the struggle of entertaining distractions on your phone is real. But don’t worry: we have tips for everyone on how to make your phone an indispensable part of your study regime.

The Note Taker

You write down literally everything. Then you keep writing everything again and again until it sticks. You have piles of papers surrounding you at any given moment and once in a while you panic and shuffle through every single page, making sure you can find that particular fact on page 14, paragraph 3, line 6. You got this. But, maybe once in a while you should turn on your Calm app and meditate a bit. Once an hour, take 5 minutes to focus yourself and get your head back in the game.

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The Cue Card Fanatic

You keep track of all the important points. You know that stack of cards inside and out. You always have a fresh stack of blank cards and a black marker. Every time you have two free minutes, you whip out your cards to quiz yourself constantly. Need something to keep you focused during these mini study sessions? Download a few albums on White Noise and drown out the tears of other people in the library with some soothing thunderstorms.

The Last Minute Panicker

You’re the person that sits in the hallway before exams flipping through the 5 pages of notes that you remembered to take over the last 3 months of this semester. There’s not much we can suggest for this round, but we have a life hack for next time: try using your calendar sometimes—you can even add in reminders! Even better, check out Habit List to make some changes to your study style. Try it for the next round of finals – you might just surprise yourself.

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The “I’ll Just Wing It”

You’re the person who says, “I pay attention in every class, so that’s basically the same as actually studying.” Honestly, if you’re this lucky, we’re super envious, because not all brains work that way! You don’t really need anything else to help you out, because you got this right? You’re just scrolling through Insta like every other day. We might suggest sampling a few of these hashtags just for fun:


The Sleeper

You’re at the library literally all the time but you’re just sleeping in a cubicle – there’s just something about the smell of books that knocks you right out. So you’ve gotten pretty good at nabbing at spot where you can rest relatively undisturbed. Don’t forget to set your alarm to shake you out of your snooze once in a while, and check out Daily Yoga to help work out some of the kinks you develop while sleeping in a chair.

The Procrastinator

You have a new fascination with Marie Kondo this year and you’re really trying to cross everything off your list – except studying. Did you remember to wash your baseboards? A little vinegar, dish soap, and hot water will leave those bad boys sparkling. If popularity is part of your procrastination, you might want to try out the Do Not Disturb function on your phone to sneak in some study time. Add in a great message like GUYS I’M JUST TRYING TO PASS MY CLASSES PLEASE LEAVE ME BE.

The Planner

You map out every week and make a timetable for how much studying you need to do so you can hit all the topics with AMPLE time and no panic. Basically, you’re Hermione and you should be SO PROUD. But if that starts to feel like a lot of pressure, step back and take a break. Take a look at Mind Shift, an anxiety-management app developed by Anxiety Canada, for long-term management strategies and quick relief techniques.

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Average Bro(-ette)

You go to 85-90% of the classes. You read MOST of the assigned reading topics. You may also dabble in the occasional calculation of your lowest grade possible, but for the most part, you’re doing your best. Keep it up. Think you’re doing a good job today? You are. Order something on Skip and treat yo’self.

Regardless of your study habits, the whole SaskTel team wishes you good luck! Not only that, we wish you unlimited internet and wireless for only $99 a month. Dream big—Today is the Day!

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