Connecting With Moms: A (Potentially Virtual) Mother’s Day Celebration

Saying thank you to the real-life superheroes who somehow manage to do it all might have to be virtual this year, but our connection to moms is still stronger than ever.

Celebrating and honouring the women who raise us might continue to look a little different again this year. Over the course of the past year, moms around the world have had to adapt, juggle, and generally somehow manage an even more hectic schedule than ever before. Even an entire day solely dedicated to thanking them for all that they do doesn’t seem like nearly enough. Thankfully, SaskTel customers can virtually call their moms to say thanks this year without having to worry about limiting their connection time to avoid having their data throttled, or whether or not they can afford to share a video of the grandkids. From now until June 30, 2021, there are zero data overage charges as part of unlimited data for all SaskTel customers, so you can FaceTime Mom for as long as you want, worry-free, this Mother’s Day.

With the help of SaskTel infiNet, we virtually connected with a few moms from SaskTel to chat about how they would define motherhood in their own words, how becoming a mom has changed their perspective on life, and what advice they might have for their younger selves.

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Cassandra Bradshaw
Consumer Marketing Analyst, Wireless Advertising

Cassandra became a mom in 2014 and again in 2019. She has two kids, the oldest Behric, who she says has the kindest soul, and the youngest Vaughn, who she describes as a spicy, free spirit. When asked how she would define motherhood, she replied, “A whirlwind,” highlighting that as adults we’re always in a rush. Kids, on the other hand, take the time to stop and explore everyday things that normally just pass by, something which has led Cassandra to experience what she describes as “a million emotions just in one day.”

Motherhood has made Cassandra realize how lucky she is to have such supportive family and friends. She mentioned that her parents are her family's biggest cheerleaders and nothing warms her heart more than seeing the relationship between her kids and their grandparents.“It sure makes you appreciate everything you have been blessed with.”

Her advice for her younger self: You’ll never be ready, so don’t wait for the perfect time!

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Michelle Klimchuk
Consumer Marketing Manager, Video on Demand and maxTV Local

Michelle has two kids, Sarah (her millennium baby) born on January 1, 2000, and Matt, born in April of 2002. She jokes that they have a New Year’s baby and a tax man. Sarah is currently completing her third year of Science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton while Matt is attending the University of Victoria for Business. When asked to describe motherhood, she said, “One word, amazing!” She also commented she couldn’t imagine not being a mom after how much joy it has brought to her life.

Becoming a mom made her realize she has an inner strength she never knew she had. It has been interesting for her to try and see things from the perspective of her kids. They’ve made her even more open to different opinions and opportunities.

Her advice for her younger self: Just relax and try to be in the moment as much as you can!

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Carmen Moore
Consumer Marketing Manager, Customer Communications

Carmen became a mom in 2010, giving birth to twin girls who are now 11 years old. When asked to define motherhood, she said, “The most important, challenging and rewarding job in the world!”

Brooklyn and Madison are both soccer players and dancers but are most happy exploring the outdoors. She credits her kids for bringing out her childlike sense of wonder when she’s with them. They spend lots of time outdoors and she notices how inquisitive they are, always asking lots of questions and seeing beauty in things that, as an adult, you might pass over. Being a mom has helped her take the time to appreciate how fascinating the world is.

Her advice for her younger self: Don’t worry so much and be easy on yourself!

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A common thread joining all three moms we chatted with was the importance of taking the time to appreciate the little things. Knowing how much moms appreciate the little things we do for them, a quick call to say Happy Mother’s Day might just be the highlight of the month. Call, FaceTime, or even Netflix Party with Mom as long as you want, worry-free, with unlimited data and zero overage charges this Mother’s Day.

Click here for more information on the unlimited data period and what happens to your plan after June 30.

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