The road to inspiration with photography duo Julia and Lucas.

It’s said that inspiration can come from anywhere, even from parts of an ordinary day. For this husband and wife team, what started as a daily photo walk – a walk to gain inspiration through photography – turned them into well known Saskatchewan (and beyond) wedding photographers.

Julia and Lucas were living in British Columbia when Julia had the idea to head to Saskatchewan to become wedding photographers. At the time, Lucas was working in a completely different industry and had no desire to move to Saskatchewan. After a few especially long commute days, Lucas was convinced. They packed up their lives and moved to Regina, Saskatchewan and began Julia & Lucas Photography.

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It was scary to put all their eggs in one basket, going into business together. Now they have been working together as a couple for years and make it look easy. Julia remembers in the beginning, thinking their work patterns needed to look similar, editing at the same time in the same environment. They quickly found this wasn’t the case at all. This duo bonds over creating the perfect image together and love that working together means they get to spend a lot of time together.

Julia and Lucas quickly fell in love with the wedding photography industry. “On the wedding day, people are just so happy,” Lucas exclaimed. “There is so much joy in the day and it’s a thrill to be part of it.” They truly put their heart and soul into their work, still to this day having the jitters before every wedding.

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With lockdowns and many changes over the past couple of years, like many others at this time, Julia and Lucas found themselves more secluded. Lacking inspiration and missing family in BC, they knew they needed to make a change. Inspired by the idea of living between two places, they bought a van and within three months, Lucas had converted it into their home on wheels. The van presented a new opportunity for them. With solar panel power, they are able to live off grid. Even their USB blender runs off solar energy. Over the past eight months, they were able to travel 22,000 kilometres throughout North America, see family, meet new people, and seek inspiration.

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You’d think living off grid while running a business would be tricky, but it has actually been the opposite. Staying connected on social media has been key for their business, Instagram being their most used platform. It has allowed them to share their work and connect with new and old clients, something that has been key to their business growth. Through SaskTel devices that serve as hotspots, Julia and Lucas have been able to stay connected wherever their travels take them. Julia explains that SaskTel has the best and most affordable plans, making travel that much easier.

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Their travels have opened the doors for them creatively. Taking inspiration from their early days of photography, they reignited photo walks to help gain inspiration. Julia has been experimenting with video and Lucas has learned the skills of a drone pilot. Even their dog is excited about this new way of life. Thanks to their SaskTel connection, this business couple is able to continue to run their business while still seeking inspiration from their ever changing surroundings.

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