Our love for Saskatchewan could fill a book!

As a Crown corporation that’s grown up with this province, SaskTel has a soft spot for the community, so much so that we can’t seem to do enough. To keep track of all the programs we initiate, support, and participate in, we write them down in a book. Read on for a few highlights.

If there’s one thing we love to do at SaskTel, we love to do good. Questionable grammar aside, we love to do good things for people, from our customers to our employees to everyone else in the community. Sometimes it’s as simple as sponsoring an event; other times, it’s big picture, futuristic thinking.

A good example is our efforts over the past year to attract and recruit a representative workforce that mirrors the ever-changing demographics of our province. Why would we do that? To give everyone a fair chance, of course. And from the look of things, we’re doing pretty well.

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Here are a few more stories you may find interesting.

Advancement of LGBTQ2S+ Inclusiveness at SaskTel
Our goal is to have a workplace culture that is safe and supportive of all its employees.

By dispelling myths and providing more understanding around terminology and barriers faced, SaskTel can better support LGBTQ2S+ employees, remove barriers and create a more welcoming and inclusive work environment for all employees irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Employee Well-being
A commitment to an employee’s physical safety is important, but equally significant is taking care of our employees’ psychological and mental health.

Employee well-being took on a whole new meaning as the world navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. At the early onset of the outbreak, SaskTel, through its Pandemic Response Team and Crisis Management Team, planned for the safety of SaskTel employees, our customers, and our communities.

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Phones for a Fresh Start
In the 2021 fiscal year, a total of 4,185 devices were recycled, with 300 phones and $5,000 worth of phone cards sent to PATHS.

As a proud leader in Saskatchewan’s environmental policies and sustainability, SaskTel’s Phones for a Fresh Start Program (PFFS) helps keep our planet green and assists people fleeing domestic violence.

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SaskTel Be Kind Online
The goal is to empower youth to act in their communities to spread kindness, positivity, and connectedness.

SaskTel Be Kind Online (BKO) is an initiative that aims to eliminate cyberbullying in Saskatchewan and promotes kindness by providing grants to youth-led initiatives that benefit both young people and the community as a whole.

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SaskTel Employees’ Personal Problem Program (STEPPP)
With a focus on early interventions and prevention, STEPPP develops numerous resources and programs throughout the year.

The SaskTel Employees’ Personal Problem Program (STEPPP) is a referral service that provides access to free, voluntary, and confidential counselling services for all SaskTel employees and their families, as well as retirees and their spouses.

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Do you know of an event or cause that warrants our support? We invite you to fill out a sponsorship application. Want to join us in the fight against cyberbullying? Fill out a Be Kind Online grant application. You can also help those in need by recycling your phone. Here’s how. Whatever you do, take a page from our book and get involved.

Want to see more stories from our book? We’d love it if you’d check out the complete SaskTel ESG Report.

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