How to Survive a Horror Movie

Have you ever watched a horror movie and sat there thinking “Now, why would you do that?” as victim after victim makes mistake after mistake and ends up confronting the villain instead of making a clean getaway? Well, we’ve analyzed some horror movie tropes and deduced that a lot of those mistakes could be solved with SaskTel services. Read on to find out how to survive in any spooky situation.

Finding your way home
So, picture this… it’s a spooky night and the...

A: crazed hitchhiker
B: haunted doll
C: demon you've summoned

... is chasing you through the dark. You need to escape – but how? You make your way to an abandoned yard and into a rusty old pick-up left by the road. You lock both doors, miraculously find the keys, and fire it up. But you don’t know this part of the world. You only came here...

A: to confront your father’s ghost.
B: because an anonymous letter told you to.
C: following a Ouija board’s instructions.

...Typically, what would happen is, you’d turn down the wrong road and end up face to face with your pursuer. Thankfully, though, you have SaskTel coverage and a smart phone. Boom! Your map opens and charts your way home. You share your location with your best friend and block that number that keeps calling you.


Dying for Content
It’s a rainy Saturday and you’re at home, bored out of your mind. There isn’t much to do – no pressing engagements, work, or friends to distract you. All of a sudden...

A: your TV switches on.
B: a VHS tape appears in your mailbox.
C: a portal opens to another dimension.

...Usually, this would catch your eye and you’d be sucked into a spiral of demons and ladies crawling out of your TV. Not with SaskTel maxTV. With hundreds of hours of content – movies, dramas, sports – at your fingertips, you can forget all about the voices you hear through the static. Sit back and relax. You got this!

Max TV

Quiet Time
It’s late. You are...

A: home alone.
B: in a creepy, dingy motel.
C: tenting near a haunted summer camp.

...All of a sudden there is a bump in the night. You’ve watched this unfold a hundred times before and still, instead of running out the door, you hold your ground (and your breath). You hide...

A: under the bed.
B: in the closet.
C: on an upper floor from which there is no escape.

...You pull out your phone and switch it to silent. No pings, rings, or vibrations are going to clue your attacker into your whereabouts. And, while you’re at it, you send a quick text to your mom, asking her to come pick you up. Crisis averted!

Texting 02

Online Due-Diligence
Picture this – you’re moving to a new town, hopeful for a fresh start. You find the perfect...

A: house-sitting opportunity.
B: basement suite.
C: abandoned mansion.

...It seems too good to be true. You can’t shake a nagging feeling. No one in the new town speaks directly to you, or if they do, they pause after every sentence – just long enough for a “dun dun duuuuun” to play and some lightning to flash in the distance. You have the definite heebie jeebies. But luckily, you have SaskTel internet at home. Unlike the movie characters who have come before you, you have the resources to do a little research. So with lightning fast speeds, you learn all the red flags that would normally take a week for the main character to discover. So, situation avoided. You book a nice Airbnb on the beach. Done and dusted.

Still in the mood to be terrorized? Check out all the Halloween horrors on maxTV and maxTV Stream.

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