How Do You Watch?

There’s always something good showing on maxTV, from action flicks to rom-coms, thrillers, and more. You probably know your favourite type of movie, but do you know what type of movie-watcher you are? Cast yourself in your perfect part: the Constant Snacker, the Accidental Spoiler, the Confused Texter, or the Film Enthusiast!

Friday night is right around the corner, but no need to worry. SaskTel maxTV has got you covered as your premium at-home entertainment. Whether you’re watching by yourself, hanging out with your roommates, or enjoying family movie night at the end of the week… maxTV is for the movie buffs. And the ones who watch for fellowship. And even the ones who just attend for the snacks.

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Along with the diverse genres of movies come the many types of movie-watchers. We’re here to help you find your place. Now, let’s get down to business and cast you in the perfect part.

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Constant Snacker
First up, we’ve got the Constant Snacker. This type of movie-watcher truly believes the movie is only as good as the snacks. They’re a step above buttered popcorn and a soda, although we can all agree on the beauty of that simple, timeless pairing.

We’re talking the next level snacker that plans and preps to make sure there isn’t a pause in chewing. They’re never short on popcorn, but also chips, M&M’s, Sour Patch Kids, Oreos, Skittles, and Reese’s. The list is endless. Not to mention nachos… for our cardinal Constant Snacker, there must be no movie watched without a pan of loaded nachos to snack the storyline away. If, by the end of this paragraph, your mouth is watering and you can’t wait to stock up on snacks for your next movie night – spoiler alert: you may be a movie-watching Constant Snacker.

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Accidental Spoiler
Next up, we’ve got the cherished Accidental Spoiler. This is the one we know and love, but also loathe all at once. The spoiler sites are their go-to platform of choice before the credits roll. By the time the first scene hits, they’ve already accidentally described in detail the ending’s unexpected cliffhanger. As the one who knows far too much about every actor, they are IMDb’s biggest follower.

The Accidental Spoiler is kind, curious, and innocently bursting at the seams to spill the tea. But no need to worry if you’ve claimed this as your movie-watching title. There is always a spot for you and your informed, exciting spoilers that you just can’t keep to yourself. And that spot is at the end of the couch near our next movie-watcher, the Confused Texter.

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Confused Texter
Oh, the Confused Texter… we’re all too familiar with that blank, bewildered face looking up from their phone after most scenes. This type of movie-watcher in no way speaks to the action-packed scenes happening in the newest award-winning motion pictures. If they’re curious enough, the Confused Texter will brave the eyerolls and whisper their questions to their faithful movie-watching neighbour. Their peers and movie-watching buddies may just be the Film Enthusiasts who will gladly assist them in the recap of the entire movie’s plotline.

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Film Enthusiast
This person is in awe throughout the film, analyzing the camera angles, the lighting, the script, the music, and the acting. Although most movies are made to entertain, the Film Enthusiast sees a motion picture as art. They need a storyline that takes time to develop with the depth to draw you in. They’re eager to discuss the outcome and will gladly support an after-movie debrief, no matter the time. They’ve got the maxTV Fully Loaded bundle to ensure they never miss a beat on the latest releases. The Film Enthusiast could be the best or worst person to see a movie with. It all depends on which movie-watcher you are.

So the time has finally come… which movie-watcher are you?
We’re curious if there’s a certain type of movie-watcher that we didn’t mention. Drop it in the comments below!

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