9 Apps to make you more productive and keep you connected during the exam season

The exam season is stressful but thankfully there are lots of apps out there to make your life a little bit easier

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Life as a student can be really stressful. You have to manage your time between all your classes, make sure you finish your research papers on time, have enough time to study for the two tests you have next week, find time to meal-prep healthy, brain-fueling meals, and still make time to have Zoom games nights with your friends during this period of physical distancing. Thankfully though, there are a lot of apps out there to help you focus on time management, productivity, efficiency, and overall health—and with SaskTel waiving data overages in Canada during the Covid-19 crisis, there's no better time to digitally connect with your classmates than now.

While Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote have become collaboration staples for many students and professionals alike, and video conferencing on Zoom has become the new normal for the university classroom, here are 9 more apps to download onto your SaskTel smartphone device or on your laptop with SaskTel Internet to help get you through the exam season.

Pocket - for storing a library of content to consume later
If you ever find yourself consuming content and thinking “this would really help me out when researching for that paper I have to write next week,” then Pocket is the app for you. With Pocket, you can save articles and videos from both websites and apps, allowing you to create a library of content to learn. Later, you can read or watch your saved content from anywhere, all in one place.

Noisli - for maintaining focus with ambient noises
Sometimes the most difficult part of studying or writing a paper is maintaining focus for a long time. Noisli allows you to mix your own ambient sounds in order to create the perfect environment for you and your workflow. With sounds of rain, thundershowers, wind, forest, campfire, coffee shop, beach waves, and more all available to mix on Noisli, you’ll definitely find the best combination of sounds to zone in on your task at hand and tune out the distractions of the environment you’re in.

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Todoist - for keeping on top of all your to-do lists
Todoist is the perfect to-do list to help you stay on top of everything you need to get done, on the devices you use the most. Gone are the days of having multiple to-do lists in different notebooks and sticky-notes—with Todoist, you can still have your multiple to-do lists, they’re just kept safely in one place! You can even have multiple users on the same to-do list, making accountability in group projects a breeze.

Grammarly - for checking your grammar
Grammarly is an online tool and browser extension that you can use to check your grammar and spelling on everything that you write. From composing an email to your professor to writing a paper in Google Docs, Grammarly will help make sure that what you’re writing is correct. It’s not 100% correct all of the time, but it will definitely catch mistakes that you would have otherwise missed.

Slack - for team chats
Slack, which is now a workplace staple, is also an amazing chat tool for student teams. When instructors set their classes up on Slack, it allows the instructor and students to organize different subjects, topics, and conversations into channels, and even send direct messages to anyone on the team. It also integrates with lots of productivity apps and tools that you use daily, across all your devices. With loads of workplaces using Slack as their main communication service (aside from email), using Slack at school also prepares you for future jobs and entering the workforce.

Coggle - for mind-mapping and brainstorming
One of the best brainstorm methods is mind-mapping. This method of brainstorming allows you to get all your ideas and thoughts out on paper without worrying about structure… which can sometimes get a little bit messy. Coggle takes all your thoughts and ideas and allows you to move them around in the document, to make sure no idea gets missed and everything is easily readable. You can even share and collaborate your mind-map with other team members and track changes so you know when a new thought or idea has been added to it. For business students who have to work in groups to brainstorm new product ideas, this is an absolute lifesaver.

Dashlane - for managing your passwords
Gone are the days of using one password for every account you have, and here are the days of unguessable passwords that are different for each account. While a password management system might not immediately scream productivity to you, it will streamline the way you store and remember your passwords. Dashlane will create strong passwords for you to ensure safety on the internet and will store them all in one place so you only need to remember one password: the one to get into Dashlane. If you’ve ever gone through the pain of having your accounts compromised and passwords stolen, then you’ll know that having secure passwords, in the end, will help make your life so much easier.

Headspace - for maintaining mental clarity
Often, the key to productivity is mental clarity and better sleep. Headspace will guide you through meditations and even play sleep sounds for you. Meditation will help you de-stress during the busy exam season, and will help you avoid burnout, which is crucial when you have multiple exams and commitments on the horizon.

Mint.com - to manage your budgets
Sometimes the biggest stress of all is money. When you’re approaching the end of the school year all the money that you made at your internship the previous summer is getting tight. In that time, budgeting is crucial. Mint.com allows you to have a look at all your finances, create budgets, and to stay on top of all your bills. When money planning is less of a stress, you’re able to focus more on your schoolwork.

So there you have it! These nine apps will help make exam time (and life!) easier and more manageable. Do you have a favourite app that helps you with productivity? Let us know below in the comments.

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