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Embracing the Long-Distance Love Life

So you’ve found somebody awesome...but they live far away. It’s not the end of the world—it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship! With a little creativity (and a great wireless plan), maintaining a long-distance relationship can be easier than you think.

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Activities to help you de-stress in 2020

From daily practices to treating yo'self, de-stressing activities can make a huge difference in your life!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Friendsmas Lit

Brace yourself—winter holiday activities are coming. Here's our top tips on how to plan the perfect Friendsmas.

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The Holidays at Your House: A maxTV guide for starting new traditions

Here’s a guide to some soon-to-be house favourites to mix in with your familiar traditions this holiday season!

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Saskatchewan, meet this rising gaming star

In the past 2 years, Regina-based Sarahmony has gone from recreational gamer to professional Twitch streamer.

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Getting your kids back on track this September

With summer officially over, back to school routines have started to take shape. Here are some tips to smoothly transition kids back into school and ensure they maintain a healthy relationship with technology.

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Grilling (and chilling) in Wascana Park with chef and butcher Greg Reid

Get your family and friends together and make use of the beautiful parks that Saskatchewan has to offer and go get your grill on!

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Ashlyn George’s Take on 5 of the Best Outdoor Activities Across Saskatchewan That are Free This Summer

Summer is Saskatchewan’s time to shine. Literally.

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